8/13/23 SAS Weekly Scoreboard – Grind Hard

Another week is in the books, and like everyone else we are glad to see the NFL back on the board!

We will post our NFL record apart from MLB and CFB for that matter, all while giving you the full picture on how we’re doing at SAS each week. This will be our first full season of football and we can’t wait to show you what we can do. We launched last year in late December, so not really a good sample size. We get it. We’re all about results, the process and helping new and experienced bettors alike. For some folks, they use SAS to make their plays. Advanced bettors may use SAS as an additional set of eyes or a screen of sorts. How ever you utilize SAS, know we’re committed to long-term results and not short-term highs. (Though we will always take that positive outlier of a week!!!)

So, here’s the latest Scoreboard action for you.

Week of August 7-13: 9-10 
August: 24-19
YTD: 334-299-9
NFL ’23 Preseason: 1-0

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