8/6/23 SAS Scoreboard

There’s no such thing as an EASY week.

Some weeks though, are better than others and we had a pretty good week around here. SAS goes all MLB this week and ends up generating our subscribers some nice returns. It was an interesting week for sure, with some really odd beats and a couple of pleasant surprise wins. So, come to think of it, that sounds like a normal week! Here’s our latest Scoreboard for you.

Week of July 31-August 6: 19-11

August: 15-9

YTD: 325-289-9

We’re going to have some Preseason NFL plays for you in the coming days, so if you’re reading this and not a subscriber, this is a great time to jump in. Use Promo Code NBW20 and get 20% off any of our already low plans. We don’t think you should pay hundreds or even more dollars a month for sports betting information. We believe we deliver great value at a great price whether you’re a novice sports bettor just learning the game or a veteran perhaps using our service as a screen for your own numbers and plays. Either way, we can help you grow your bankroll

As we say, we’re new to the marketplace still (this will be our first full football season) but our crew is not new to sports betting and handicapping. We bring years of experience to bear for you, utilizing all of the tools at our disposal to generate winning plays for you.

We’re glad you’re out there and feel free to drop us a line or ask us any questions you may have about SAS.


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